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 Hey! I am so glad you stopped by! My name is Tamera Rasmussen MS, LPC, LPCC, NCC, C-PD, I am a practicing psychotherapist in the Houston TX area, a parenting and relationship coach, writer, podcaster, speaker, and ministry leader. I am passionate about helping individuals and families heal from generational trauma, emotional and behavioral issues, and attachment trauma that makes being in and navigating relationships difficult.

God wired us for belonging, connection, and relationship. Our world has never been more disconnected from God and us from each other and our relationships are suffering as a result. We are shaped by our experiences – the way we parent, communicate, filter, and respond in relationships is deeply rooted in how we were raised and the depth of our security and self-esteem as individuals. Laying a foundation of “God first”, learning how to communicate effectively, identify faulty thinking, develop a realistic view of events, overcome traumatic experiences, gain insight into self-sabotaging behaviors and attitudes, and learning to speak a language that the people you love understand can significantly improve your overall quality of life and your relationships.

In my writing, podcasting, speaking, and coaching I draw from years of clinical practice, a wealth of personal experience, and biblical knowledge to help people take their relationships to the next level according to the Gospel. I am passionate about empowering women to strengthen their mentoring and discipleship skills according to Titus, helping parents raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children, encouraging fathers to recognize their value and become more active participants in their children’s lives, strengthening marriages, challenging believers to live out their faith and become spiritually mature leaders, and in helping people heal from generational and attachment trauma that holds them back from living the life and using the Gifts that God created them for.

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Episode 21 Difficult Conversations: The Importance of Talking About Sexual Dysfunction

Summary Preventing sex is one thing, and it is an important thing, but there are other unrealized consequences of leaving our kids ill-equipped to manage the complexities of sex even if they choose to wait. There is an incorrect assumption that if our sons and daughters wait to have sex that everything will come naturallyContinue reading “Episode 21 Difficult Conversations: The Importance of Talking About Sexual Dysfunction”


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